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Hijiri Foods

Sesame Tofu (White) with Miso sauce || 2 servings

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About "Sesame" Tofu: "Sesame tofu" is said to have been born as one of the vegetarian dishes eaten in strict training on Mt. Koya, which was opened by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) about 1200 years ago. Sesame is a very nutritious food, and long ago it was useful as a medicine in China. It is said that Kobo Daishi, who went to China as a mission to Tang, brought it back to Mt. Koya and started cultivating it in Japan.

Types of "Sesame" Tofu: There are "gold sesame tofu", "black sesame tofu" and "white sesame tofu" each has different taste and flavor. 

  • White: Tofu with a savory flavor and a smooth texture that is made by carefully kneading high-quality sesame seeds and unique kudzu
  • Black: Rich in protein and nutritious, and contains about 10 times as much calcium as white sesame seeds. Also has a rich taste with a sticky texture

About the manufacturer: Koyasan sesame tofu by Hijiri Foods is a smooth sesame tofu that spreads the rich taste and aroma of sesame in your mouth, elaborating the best of the manufacturing method and the latest technology that has been handed down from ancient times in Koyasan.
Hijiri Foods has been consistent on the belief of "Nature is the best" since its establishment in 1987. The products use only sesame, sweet potato starch, and kudzu starch, and do not use food additives such as "modified starch" and "thickener" that are often used in general sesame tofu. You can enjoy the chewy, smooth texture of "Koyasan Sesame Tofu" made from carefully selected ingredients such as sesame milk (high-quality sesame extract).

Product Details

What included: 

  • Sesame tofu 75g x White 2 servings
  • Miso sauce 10g x 2 packs

Expiry date: 90 days from production


  • Tofu: Sesame, Starch, Kudzu powder
  • Miso sauce: Miso (including soybeans), sugar, mirin (Sweet Sake), sesame seeds

Common allergies: Sesame, Soy

Manufacturer: Hijiri Foods

Product of Japan