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Yamada Heiando

Salad bowl (Small / Vermilion and Black)

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A bowl perfect for salad or fruits serving. The gentle curves made by artisan one by one fit the hands of the users softly and lightly. The lacquer is rubbed directly on the skin of the wood, dried and then rubbed repeatedly to show the beauty of the wood grain. Using natural lacquer, it is safe to put on your mouth and you can feel the gentle texture.

A bowl made of tree hardly breaks. Even if you put hot soup, the temperature transmitted to the palm is just right. Also, it has high heat retention and keeps your dish warm. Hope you love and keep using for a long time.


Coloring: Colored with Japanese traditional lacquer techniques

Size: Diameter 11 cm X Height 6.5 cm

Set of 2 (Vermilion and Black)


  • Wash with a sponge and detergent. We recommend not to use the dishwasher
  • Avoid extreme dryness / humidity / temperature change
  • Avoid direct sunlight. UV will change the color
  • We recommend to avoid putting the bowl into the refrigerator
  • Lacquer products sometime have unique smell in the beginning. This will fade in a while but if you don't like it, try wiping with a cloth soaked with vinegar and rinse with lukewarm water