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100% buckwheat "Soba" (Gluten free) || 4 Servings

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100% buckwheat noodle made by nature without using fertilizers or pesticides in the land where the temperature difference between morning and night is large.
Manufacturer consult with the climate of the year to decide when to sow the seeds, and prepare the surrounding environment to make it easier for soba to grow. "Dewakaori", native species of Yamagata prefecture, Japan, is characterized by its large grain size, high degree of milling whiteness, and rich buckwheat flavor.
The length and fineness of noodles are adjusted in units of a few millimeters.
Crops produced from living land without relying on pesticides and fertilizers.

Soup is not included in the set. Please enjoy the noodles with "Soba" soup.

Product Details

What included: "Soba" Noodles (200g x 2)
*Toppings and soup is not included

Expiry date: 1-year from production

Ingredients: Buckwheat (made in Yamagata, Japan)

Common allergies: Buckwheat 


  • Put soba in a generous amount of boiling water
  • Boil the soba for 5-6 minutes while boiling the water over a strong heat
  • After boiling, quickly cool with water, put in a colander, etc. and drain

Manufacturer: Tibakichi

Product of Japan