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Hakata Fubian

Premium Shrimp Cracker (Mentaiko Flavor) || 14 or 27 Pieces

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One of the most popular premium shrimp crackers in Japan. Selected Japanese rice and production methods make unique crispy texture. Mentaiko (products of Hakata, Kyushu) add spice to the shrimp taste. Perfect "tsumami" for beer.


Product Details

Size: 185 g for 14 pieces

Expiry Date: 90 days from production

Ingredients: Egg white, Syrup (reduced starch), Processed rice, Processed starch (starch, wheat, others), Sugar, Wheat, Shortening, Dried shrimp, Cod roe powder, Salt, Chili / Seasoning (amino acid etc., Soy), Leavening agent, Emulsifier, Essence, Food color (turmeric, red yeast) 

Common Allergens:  Egg, Shellfish (shrimp), Wheat, Soy

Manufacturer: Hakata Fubian

Product of Japan