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Hadm Food

Okinawa "Jimami" Tofu || 3 Servings

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”Jimami" means peanuts in Okinawa (southern island of Japan). This tofu is made of peanuts. High in protein, low in calories and above all, delicious. Suitable not only as a meal garnish, but also as a dessert. The chewy texture and sweet sauce are the most well known Okinawan gastronomy.

Product Details

What included: Peanuts Tofu (63g x 3), Sauce (5g x3)

Expiry date: 60 days from production


- Tofu: Peanuts, Salt / Thickener (modified starch)
- Sauce: Soy sauce, Sugar

Common allergies: Peanuts, Soy, Wheat

Manufacturer: Hadm Food

Product of Japan