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"Inaniwa" Udon Set || 6 servings

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About "Inaniwa" Udon Noodles: One of the three major Udon noodles of Japan together with "Sanuki" and "Mizusawa". Dried udon noodles originated in the southern part of Akita prefecture made by the hand-rolled manufacturing method which was established more than 350 years ago. The manufacturing method and production area are limited, and other things cannot be called "Inaniwa udon".

Characteristics of "Sanuki": The flat, thin noodles characterized by their firm texture and smoothness.

About the product: Produced by "Mugendo", one of the most famous Udon restaurants in Akita that inherits the traditional manufacturing method of Inaniwa udon. Authentic product made possible by the delicate techniques cultivated by artisans and sincere manual work

Product Details

What included: 

  • Dried Inaniwa Udon Noodles (80g x 6 packs)
  • Soup broth (30ml x 6 packs)

Expiry date: 2-year from production


  • Noodles: Wheat flour, salt, starch (used as flour)
  • Soup broth: Soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken extract, protein hydrolyzate, katsuo extract, bonito flakes, yeast extract, shiitake mushroom extract / sake, monosodium glutamate, caramel color, acidulant, liquid smoke

Common allergies: Wheat, Soy, Chicken

Manufacturer: Mugendo

Product of Japan