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Marunishi Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Sliced Dried Persimmon "Hoshi Gaki" || 250g

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About "Hoshi-Gaki": "Hoshi-Gaki" is traditional Japanese dried fruit peeling persimmon and drying with sunlight. Moisture evaporates when the persimmon is dried, and the dried persimmon becomes about one-third the size of the original persimmon. As the water evaporates, the amount of vitamin C contained in the persimmon decreases, but instead, β-carotene and vitamin A increase significantly compared to normal persimmons, so eating improves blood circulation and makes the gastrointestinal tract stronger. Above all, the sweetness of dried persimmon is condensed, and the sweetness is 1.5 times that of sugar. 

About "Ichida" persimmon: Most well-known persimmon in Japan that has been produced in Nagano prefecture for over 500 years. Ichida persimmon" has a bright candy-colored flesh and soft texture.

About the manufacturer: Persimmons are slowly drained in the winter fog to remove the bitterness and create a mellow, natural sweetness. Above all, the traditional production method with a history of 500 years makes “Hoshi-Gaki” delicious. Careful hand kneading by manufacturers creates sweetness and softness. This product sliced the usual dried persimmon to make it handy and easy-to-eat.


Product Details

What included:
-Dried persimmons (25g)
Expiry date: 1-month from delivery guaranteed

-Dried persimmons (Made in Nagano Prefecture, Japan), Glucose / Ethyl Alcohol

Common allergies: None

Nutrition facts (per serving):
Calories: 262 kcal
Protein: 4.6 g
Fat: 0.1 g
Carbohydrate: 60.6 g
Sodium: 7.87 mg

Manufacturer: Yamashitaya Sosuke

Product of Japan